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The micro-camera systems developed by Systheia are based on proven and mastered technologies with large flight heritage. The results are light and compact digital cameras for operation in the difficult environmental conditions encountered in space. Highly miniaturized, these low mass and low power consumption cameras are generic yet modular and are cost-effective solutions for resource critical applications.

Micro-cameras for various space applications.

  • Monitoring and health check of satellites or launchers
  • Imaging payload for observation satellites or for small, micro and nano-satellites
  • Rover visual systems
  • Science instruments
  • Inflight metrology

The micro-cameras integrate advanced capabilities:

  • Low mass
  • Low power consumption
  • Compression
  • Automatic exposure
  • Image buffer storage
  • Customized processing functions
  • Enhanced tolerance to high radiations levels

Systheia provides also consulting services for all matters concerning developments for space applications.